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Senior Citizen homes in Coimbatore
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Senior Citizen homes in Coimbatore

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Senior Citizen Homes in Coimbatore

Wishing you the best retirement ever and enjoy the new chapter of life here and enjoy being your own boss. Come and make your own lifestyle here at Retirement homes in Coimbatore. We are excited like you. Senior citizen homes in Coimbatore are designed not only for your care, support and security but also to make sure that you spend the rest of your lives in a heaven on Earth with a friendly environment. The mushrooming of senior citizen homes in India is of recent origin. A decade back none of us would have entertained thoughts of such homes. Nuclear families, job opportunities for children around the world and lack of security in big cities have speeded up the concept of community living.

We will be privileged to say that "We are the first organization to get the recognition from the Social Welfare Department of the state". It is mandatory for running the retirement community in Tamilnadu by getting the proper approval from the government.

Brindavan Senior Citizen Foundation addresses the most urgent needs of our elders, especially food, health and recreation.

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senior citizen homes in coimbatore


We focus not only on your comfort but also your heart felt happiness is our satisfaction and achievement. It is nestled in the lap of nature with a lot of amenities so that you can breathe in fresh air and live long years. Proper medication time to time and doctors availability will be 24*7 so that you need not worry about your health. Regular check-up will be done for your health. Maintenance and transport facilities will be next to your doorstep. Proper diet and a healthy life especially for older adults are provided. For your source of information and to develop valuable knowledge libraries are available.

Your peace of mind is what we expect to persist. So we contribute special social activities which are mild for your activeness. Antique Musical instruments are also available to take your soul to a pleasant experience and watch entertaining tv shows to fill up with laughter. This social network will take you to the next level of cheerfulness. Our friendly staff will be your close friends to share your words and express your feelings to them. They will be so supportive. You can feel the Love at all stages of life at one place here.

You will feel safe and secured in the midst of this heaven like home. In case of any scruples, counseling will be given at the moment without any delay so that you can feel free to share things with us. Surveillance of your mandatory daily routine will be observed for your personal health. So from your morning to bedtime everything will be a pleasant experience. We are waiting for your presence to take care of you with lots of love.

Brindavan provides the best of both what nature and modern life can offer, a combination of city home and farmhouse on reasonable terms. A lush green garden with a mountain backdrop and coconut farms around the complex provide a serene atmosphere. Free of noise and air pollution, the stretch of walking area in and outside the campus is fully utilised by the elders. Brindavan is always vibrant with frequent visits of children, grandchildren, relatives and guests. Brindavan is indeed a delight to the residents.

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Our strength is simplicity and earnest desire to serve fellow human beings which is as good as serving God.

Retirement homes in Coimbatore


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We make sure that living is much more comfortable in Brindavan.

Retirement homes in Coimbatore


We offer quality and delicious food to our residents at an affordable price.

Retirement homes in Coimbatore


Here we give the library access, where the readers will get beneficiery.

Senior Citizen homes in Coimbatore


We provide easy commutation access to our people.

Senior Citizen homes in Coimbatore


Here we offer different sort of indoor games.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brindavan Senior Citizen Foundation, started 15 years back, is one of the trusted Senior citizen homes in Coimbatore. Brindavan Provides quality vegetarian food at a reasonable cost, tie up with leading hospitals, ambulance service to rush the patient to the hospital in case of emergency, visit of a geriatric specialist doctor every day, 24 hours nursing service.

While our main concern is good food and medical attention, we also extend 24 hours security service, Transportation, a good library, prayer hall. indoor games, Yoga, health related counseling by specialists celebrations, housekeeping services, Eco-friendly environment, etc. Above all the founders stay in the campus and they are easily accessible

Yes, Retirement homes are home away from hone for elders under the prevailing state of affairs. There was a time when a joint family system was a boon to everyone. The order of the present day is nuclear family and in most of the houses the children are in foreign lands. The elders in the family are left to fend themselves. Ladies have to attend to their chore of cooking and they have no retirement. The lady of the house also requires a space for herself. Health is another problem. Choosing a good senior Citizen home is a good option but think twice before one makes a final decision. Look into the background and track record of the senior Citizen homes. Elders should be extended due respect for the age and the facilities extended should be at a reasonable cost. The children who are in distant places should feel that their parents are in a good senior living community and they are comfortable.

Many of the elders who are very old and need counseling, we arrange for the specialist to visit them and arrange for attenders to stay with them to improve their overall physical and mental conditions. Brindavan will come out with a palliative care center within the next few months.

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