Brindavan Senior Citizen Foundation

The accommodation provided is on lease basis for 20 years. On completion of the lease period, the deposit amount will be refunded in full. The deposit does not carry any interest. Nomination facility is available. By mutual consent, the lease period could be extended for a further period with out additional cost.

Brindavan Hill View, Brindavan Palm Grove, and Brindavan Paradise accommodates nearly 450 residents.

Particulars Brindavan Hill View, Vadavalli Brindavan palm Grove, Thondamuthur Brindavan paradise
Single Rooms 15 Numbers 15 Numbers 12 Numbers 42
Single Bed Room Cottages 25 Numbers 8 Numbers 21 Numbers 54
Two Bed Room Cottages 52 Numbers 65 Numbers 69 Numbers 186
Three Bed Room Cottages 5 Numbers 1 Numbers 1 7
Total 97 89 103 289

Guest room facility is available in all 3 units.
BSCF Accomodation