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To serve your convenience we provide standard facilities. The provisions are made to fulfill the expectation of the people. To give a home like experience we have various facilities to use and enjoy beneficially. They include indoor and outdoor activities and amenities. We celebrate each and every traditional occasion delightfully.

The worshipness of God keeps the mind peaceful and gives you immense pleasure. This sharing experience gives you mind blowing happiness by giving and getting love and care to each other. Television and air conditioners are provided for the entertainment and comfort purpose. So they can be chilling according to their mood. Housekeeping keeps visiting your room at a regular interval.

All around our home every place will be kept clean. On focusing your health, cleaning is our first most priority work because it can avoid diseases. We have customized Bank facilities to ensure the safety of your money. It is trustworthy as we guard for your savings 24 hours.

The place where we cook is a centralized kitchen where all are organized and kept neat. Homemade food helps to get a balanced diet for everyone according to their health conditions. To enhance the knowledge and to get current affairs, library facility is provided. You can spend the time peacefully there. Our security guards will be there 24*7 to protect and service you. They will be monitoring the home all the time for the safety purpose.

The eco friendly environment gives fresh air and a pleasant mind. So the effect of pollution will be less and it promotes nature. The water supply in home will not be interrupted, it will be available continuously. The water is from a good source and the supply will be regular. In case of any emergency ambulance will be available on time and transportation will be made easier for your convenience. Each and every facility is provided to ensure that you experience a great stay here.

Doctor's visit every day for medical care and tie-up with leading hospitals. A nurse is positioned in all the campus on a permenent basis. An active help line committee attends to emergency needs of elders.

BRINDAVAN also offers the following facilities to the residents.

( Note : Transport & Ambulance Service )

Name : Chandra mohan

Call : +91 944 346 2404

Multi Purpose Cabling


TV & AC Provision

House Keeping


Centralized Kitchen


24 * 7 Security

Eco-Friendly Environment

Parking Area

Un-Interrupted Water Supply

Transport & Ambulance

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