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The mushrooming of senior citizen homes in India is of recent origin. A decade back none of us would have entertained thoughts of such homes. Nuclear families, job opportunities for children around the world and lack of security in big cities have speeded up the concept of community living.

Brindavan Senior Citizen Foundation addresses the most urgent needs of our elders, especially food, health and recreation. A centrally located modern kitchen provides balanced nutritious food at a reasonable cost. Ladies in particular are delighted since they are relieved of the strenuous chore of cooking in which they were engaged all along. A welfare committee comprising of Senior citizens extend their help during emergency needs.

A doctor visits the unit every day, nursing assistant is available on duty to follow doctor"s instruction. Tie-up with leading hospitals in Coimbatore help in handling health related problems.

Our strength is simplicity and earnest desire to serve fellow human beings which is as good as serving God.

Today the Foundation is one of the biggest of its kind in the Southern Region of India.


The Foundation has a lifelong commitment to the resident's welfare.The promoters stay in the campus and participate in all activities including dining along with the residents. The cottages are on long lease for 20 years with nomination facility. If the lease is terminated before the lease period , a deduction of 10% is made from the deposit and the balance amount is refunded.