Brindavan Senior Citizen Foundation
The morning coffee followed by breakfast, lunch, evening coffee and dinner has been the menu since inception. The sathvic food without much of salt and pungency has helped many residents in maintaining good health.The kitchen centrally located at Brindavan Paradise caters the need of all residents.

As the age advances, Brindavan is aware of the geriatric care required for the senior citizens. With this in mind, Brindavan has recently signed an MOU with GKNM Hospitals, Coimbatore with a common objective to synergise the services of both the organizations for comprehensive health care and happiness of elders, improving the life of senior.

The Brindavan model has also been taken up for study in one of the U.S Universities as a subject on "assisted living".

In an interview with Mr. K Narayanan, 80 year-old former journalist and one our residents, " India Tribune" from Chicago dated 26-8-2011 points out the comfortable life style in Brindavan surroundings.

Dear friends,

I am Dr. Chitra Sampath of Salem .Though I wanted to settle in Salem after retirement , I was unhappy about something, the hot food, electricity failure, UPS not working, something or other. So I decided against settling there. Now I am 75yrs old and retired from active practice.

I have leased a two bedroom house in Brindavan Palm grove, Coimbatore. I feel, I am living in Agraharam of yester years. The food is bland and sumptuous; everyone is happy and cheerful, helping each other in need.. A doctors visit every day, presence of qualified nurse makes life easier for elders. Vendors of vegetables and fruits, snacks, and sweets visit us once a week. Servants to clean the house, taxi service for inmates, you name it we have it. Dhobi and tailors too.

So what are you waiting for, a few of you can come and learn from the management how they are managing it so economically, the whole maintenance is Rs.4000/- and the food bill is only 3500/- per month. We all interact as an extended family. No animosity, no jealousy, no ego only love and care for each other. This is real senior citizen home with age group ranging from 65 to 92. We celebrate all the festivals, all birthdays, wedding days of residents as one family. You are all welcome to visit our place and learn how to live in a retirement community.

Dr Chitra Sampath,
B214, Brindavan Palm grove

"Doordharshan", "The Hindu" and "Times of India" have made extensive coverage on Brindavan.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/zL9nb7WA4oc

Most encouraging are the messages that we receive from the children of our residents.